Jane Canfield


Ghost Gums

Ghost Gums


Oil on canvas
120 x 120cm

I spend a lot of time in the bush. If I’m not drawing and painting, I’m walking and of course am smitten with our trees, the shapes of gum trees, the changing subtlety of colour over the seasons in their bark and leaves… the time of day. The trunks of the trees against the sky, or in this case the high key of the bush in summer, the background can start to disappear and as with some of my recent urban-scapes, I am layering the background but coming in towards the end with my signature titanium white which still allows the underneath colour to appear but pares it back. I often draw aback into this as well.

This work was also a finalist piece in the Cowra Regional Gallery Calleen Art Award 2017 and appears in the movie ‘Smoke Between Trees’, currently shortlisted at the Melbourne Film Festival, 2019.

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