Jane Canfield


In the Valley (Lithgow)

In the Valley (Lithgow)


Oil and pastel on board, 2019
100 x 100cm

This is a studio based work, and for those that know my art practice you may think of me mainly as a plein air painter. I work mainly outside, but I also find great value by walking, drawing or doing some smaller studies or just works that will inspire me later in the studio. There is also the impracticality of working on larger paintings in the field. I am always striving to simplify and reduce and sometimes working in the studio helps with this, removing the subject, it becomes more of a ‘solving composition’ problem. I also am inspired by Nicolas DeStaél, French Artist, who was semi-abstract, but you could still see the influence of the inspiration.

See this work at current group exhibition at Rochfort Gallery, 317, Pacific Highway, North Sydney. Framed in Tasmanian Oak with D-Hooks and coated picture wire, ready for hanging.

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